3 Reasons Why Vacation Jewelry Make the Best Mementos

Finding the ideal keepsake to commemorate that perfect vacation can be challenging.

Preserving your memories of days spent with friends and family relaxing and having fun is precious, and choosing the right memento to keep these memories alive is important.Forget t-shirts and knickknacks; vacation jewelry is the best way to remember a voyage.

Here are the top three reasons why vacation jewelry makes the best souvenirs.

Jewelry is forever

So many souvenirs end up buried in closets, forgotten about as soon as the suitcases are unpacked. Decorative mugs get broken; t-shirts fade, get holes and end up lost in a box in the garage or buried in your attic.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a keepsake that you can keep with you forever. A stunning Inlet Cuff In Rose Gold filled with sand from your vacation destination can easily become your go-to piece for cocktail parties for years to come, providing an unforgettable happy reminder of a perfect time on the beach.

Jewelry can go with you everywhere

Even vacation mementos that don’t become immediately disposable are typically confined to your
home. That photo album of vacation snapshots may provide wonderful occasion to reminisce on fun-filled memories, but it’s stuck on your bookshelf at home and rarely looked at as time goes on.

In contrast, you can wear vacation jewelry anywhere and everywhere. A Silver Key Chain provides a daily reminder of vacation fun whenever you start your car or open your front door, while a Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring evokes instant happy reveries each time you see it decorating your hand.

The right vacation jewelry allows you to actually take a bit of your vacation destination with you

Perhaps the best mementos of all are those that make it possible for you to take an essence of paradise with you when you depart. It may not be possible to bottle the perfect sunset on the ocean or capture a refreshing sea breeze in a bottle, but you can take the memory of the beach you lounged on with you wherever you go.

Choosing vacation jewelry that is handcrafted to include sand from your getaway destination is the best travel souvenir of all. If you pick a piece like the Seven Sands Traveler Bracelet, you can even keep with you the memory of as many as seven perfect holidays in the sun.

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