Jewelry Display Ideas for Tradeshows and Craft Fairs

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned exhibitor, there is nothing more important at a tradeshow than presenting your jewelry in the most eye-catching ways possible. There you are, in the midst of hundreds of your competitors vying for attention and sales. A little sparkly fish in a big pond of diamonds, as it were. How will your sparkle capture the hearts (and wallets) of buyers?

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. The look of your show space has to complement the work you sell. Jewelry designer, Tracy Arrington from Apopka, Fla. says, “The presence you create at a tradeshow says everything about who you are and what store owners can expect to pay for your work.” Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Vacation Jewelry Make the Best Mementos

Finding the ideal keepsake to commemorate that perfect vacation can be challenging.

Preserving your memories of days spent with friends and family relaxing and having fun is precious, and choosing the right memento to keep these memories alive is important.Forget t-shirts and knickknacks; vacation jewelry is the best way to remember a voyage.

Here are the top three reasons why vacation jewelry makes the best souvenirs.

Jewelry is forever

So many souvenirs end up buried in closets, forgotten about as soon as the suitcases are unpacked. Decorative mugs get broken; t-shirts fade, get holes and end up lost in a box in the garage or buried in your attic.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a keepsake that you can keep with you forever. A stunning Inlet Cuff In Rose Gold filled with sand from your vacation destination can easily become your go-to piece for cocktail parties for years to come, providing an unforgettable happy reminder of a perfect time on the beach. Continue reading

Custom Bobblehead Is an Excellent Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming. So does the open door, regardless of you’re a wholesaler, a retailer, or only an end-client, you have to locate the coolest and alluring thing to take care of the demand of your “objective”. At that point have you begun your approach to there? Distinctive individuals have diverse approach to fulfill his/her objective. You should?

A sort of incredible thoughts is a customized bobbleheads. Should you don’t comprehend what a bobblehead is, consider a little doll with an outsized head on a spring that bounces here and there when moved. Yes, those little issues are known as bobble heads and you may make one to look simply like you, the one you adore or practically any other person so far as that is concerned. Continue reading

Summer Trends for Wearing Costume Jewelry

Our favorite time of the year is back again, summers! Or in other words, beach time; the best time of the year to get on all those bohemian chic outfits and play around with accessories and yes! Its flip flop time. So this time around we decided to equip you with a few quick pointers on what’s hot in the glitzy glamour-y world of costume jewelry.

They sure did make an unexpected and rather exciting comeback this year. Chokers are the hottest jewelry trend these days due to their flexible nature of complementing almost all the outfits present in your wardrobe and giving you the desired edge. They look especially sexy with crop tops. You know we haven’t disclosed the best part yet- since chokers are available in all materials including velvet and lace – you can easily make your own at home with some left over craft supplies and dollar store locks to finish them up!

Embroidered Roses High Fashion Cloth Choker Necklace Continue reading


When it comes to engagement rings, some styles have always been popular, and the three stone ring is certainly one of them. Also known as the past, present and future ring, this particular style has more depth than what meets the eye.

Here’s a quick look at what it represents:

This style is perhaps the most easily recognizable, as it features a center stone accented by two diamonds or colored gemstones on either side. Usually, the center stone is larger than the other two. This signifies the power of the present moment over the past and the future, which is symbolized by the other two gems. Collectively, they are figurative of a couple’s journey together and the love that they will always share.

At, we have a fantastic collection of rings featuring this exquisite style. Below is a glimpse of some of the amazing options available. Continue reading


Versatile and lustrous, pearls have never ceased to fascinate jewelry lovers from around the globe. This awe-inspiring treasure from the sea has been a beloved of royals as well as fashion icons. Traditionally regarded as the birthstone for the month of June, this timeless beauty is often associated with glamour and affluence. Pearls never fail to draw the eye and are a must-have in every jewelry box, irrespective of whether you are a June born or not.

Wondering where the stunning pearls come from? This is one question that has evoked many interesting stories over several centuries. The Chinese believed that pearls originated in a dragon’s brain, while Arabs and ancient Romans assumed that these gems were the tears of gods. Some other stories state that mollusks created pearls from dew drops. Continue reading

Plukka Essentials Collection

Plukka’s finely edited Essentials collection of edgy but timeless jewels addresses the needs of the modern woman seeking to invest in a few key pieces. This collection can be leveraged across her wardrobe and take her from a breakfast meeting, to the board room and out for dinner with friends. We’ve distilled the collection to what we feel is the essence of what the Plukka woman seeks to wear. The collection is delightful, spontaneous and elegantly edgy. It’s a defining set of pieces, but also yields to individuality and personal style.

Plukka’s Picks

Continue reading

Ippolita: Fine Jewelry for Any Occasion

Meet Ippolita Rostango, the brains (and beauty!) behind IPPOLITA, one of the most popular jewelry brands available at Tapper’s.

In 1999, Italian-born Ippolita Rostango launched her jewelry company, Ippolita, with a passion for elegant, handcrafted jewelry that makes a statement.

Today Ippolita is a leader in fashionable, everyday fine jewelry. Described as cool, simple and sexy, the popular jewelry brand designs its pieces with versatility in mind. “The best part of seeing celebrities in my jewelry is that they don’t want to take it off,” Rostango told the Sun Sentinel. “They’ll wear the same stack of bangles on the red carpet and to the grocery store.”

At Tapper’s, we carry some of Ippolita’s most in-demand collections, including: Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jewelry Sets

Moms deserve the best. Get them a set of jewelry pieces that complement their personal style.

It’s less than a week before Mother’s Day! If you haven’t decided what to give your mom, wife, sister, or BFF, we have a few gift suggestions you might want to check out. We have created jewelry sets moms of any age would love. Get to choose from these lovely sets that may include fashion rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Triple Threat Set

The Triple Threat Set is for mothers who are in love the metallic pink color. All the pieces are in rose gold tone and exude a rebellious vibe with a pinch of flirtiness. This set is perfect for fashion-forward moms who love to accessorize even when doing quick errands Continue reading